About Randy

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Randy H Zasloff LPC, CADCI, NCC

Randy H Zasloff

Randy’s path to becoming a counselor has been long and varied – a study in perseverance.  She brings this stubbornness and ability to hang in there when things get tough to therapy. Working with clients to find their way through complex problems feeds her passion to help and heal. “There is no better feeling than seeing a client come to the end of therapy and step into the life they created as a whole, healthy, connected human being.”  

Perseverance, curiosity, compassion, non-judgment and the ability to be present are all qualities necessary for a solid therapeutic relationship.  In fact, some research indicates the relationship contributes more to positive outcomes than any techniques or ‘types’ of therapy employed.

This may be true, however, Randy is a ‘doer’ and her observations of clients show that ‘doing’ often works better than ‘talking’. So, Randy incorporates experiential therapies in her treatment.  Experiential therapies focus on the individual having an ‘experience’: thinking, feeling, and embodied – helping the client develop a relationship with themselves in the present.

 In addition to making art or music, writing, or walking in the woods, one of the most effective ways to build relationship is to work with horses (equine facilitated psychotherapy).  Randy loves watching the horses work their magic - helping clients discover their authentic selves and start them on their path to find flow

Randy maintains a private practice in Portland, OR providing counseling to individuals and couples.  In addition, she is a volunteer for the Returning Veterans Project.