Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Experience the horse's healing power for personal growth, insight, recovery, or dealing with life's challenges

Horses are our mirrors, 

our witnesses, 

connect us to the natural world, 

know who we really are,

bring us into the here and now. 


“I believe my biggest “ah-ha” experience of the morning was… realizing the extent to which I let myself get pushed around rather than standing my ground or taking more control.

“I am more aware of being grounded in all aspects of my life.

“I found someone [the horse] who I love and feel such a bond with.   To be able to express our emotions together to feel one another’s feelings.  Someone who has “Loved me for me.”

Randy talks about the healing power of horses, and how counseling can transform a person's life. 


What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)?

EFP is experiential psychotherapy that includes equines.  It may include but is not limited to, a number of mutually respectful equine activities, such as: handling, grooming, longeing, riding, driving, and vaulting.  A licensed mental health professional working with an appropriately credentialed equine professional facilitates EFP.  EFP may be facilitated by a mental health professional who is dually credentialed as an equine professional.  (EFMHA Factsheet)

The quote following is the human participants description of her experience of Horse Dancing, one possible activity of EFP.

We started out slowly, moving back and forth with each other, and I sent him out, trotting, then cantering around me.  As he bucked in playful joy, my whole soul came alive.  He joined back up with me, and we flowed through the length of the arena, our strides matching in harmony.  I ran beside him, and my heart sang with a feeling of connection and belonging.  Tears of acceptance and freedom welled up from my inner being, as I watched Gallant embody the joy that I felt inside.  I was so amazed at this deep connection that opened up to me when I allowed myself to be free, and I was astonished to discover that the result of being authentic was deep connection, not rejection.